Who is this Jenn de la Fuente character? Well, I’m glad you asked…

Jenn has been dabbling in design since high school, when she hand-lettered flyers for school events and did a lot of doodling. From there, she’s gone on to do newspaper design, web design and various logo projects. She is part-time faculty in the graphic communications department at Sacramento City College, working as a coordinator in the GCOM lab. She was a tutor at Sac City for two years before that, so she answers lots of questions about Adobe products and design! She runs her own show called Rosebud Designs and specializes mainly in WordPress development and web design. For proof she mostly knows what she’s doing, you can take a look at the Rosebud Designs website.

This blog is where I post inspirational things, latest projects, things I’ve learned and whatever fun or crazy thing pops out of my head and onto the screen.