Latest Project: Paper, Parties, Cake and e-Commerce!

Another WordPress + eCommerce mashup! This time, the very creative and talented Abigail Barnes gets a hand with her printable partyware business, Paper & Cake:

The original Paper & Cake site was being run by ProStores. Abby wanted to ditch that and put everything under one umbrella. She also wanted a new look, which was handled by the equally lovely and talented Christine McClain over at Christine McClain Design and Branding Studio.

In the new site, the latest WordPress e-commerce plugin was used. Again, the improvements made to the 3.8.x version made things a little easier to manipulate.

All of Abby’s products are downloadable PDFs, with instant fulfillment once a customer purchases through PayPal. A section was also added in the backend so that Abby can feature a “See This Party in Real Life” button on some of her products and link to a blog post where she writes about how her products have been used for real parties.

We used the Gold Cart version to get more display options and more options in general. Everything turned out nice and clean (a tribute to Chris’ design):

We also transferred all of Abby’s old blog posts from Blogger to the new WordPress build:

We’ve added some ads to the sidebar in the blog, and there’s some nice tab action going on with the categories, tags and archives. Also, on some blog posts, Abby can add a “Buy This” link to link back to a specific product she is blogging about.

Now, Abby can manage everything Paper & Cake from one place, from adding and updating her products, to changing her page content to blogging.

Overall, this was a fun build and it turned out great. Thanks again to Chris and Abby for all your hard work!

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